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Albert Music Hall 2014

Special Event Dates

Doors Open at 6:30pm & music begins at 7:30pm! (Unless otherwise noted.)
Phone: 609.971.1593 - Web:

Date Event


December 19


Doors Open:


Adults: $5.00

Children: FREE!

Albert Music Hall Holiday Show

7:15pm: Christmas Video

7:30pm: Southern Specific

8:00pm:  Sing Christmas Songs Along with Santa & Bluegrass Road

9:00pm:  Piney Blues

10:00pm thru 11:00pm:  Basement Musicians


January 9


Doors Open:


Adults: $5.00

Children: $1.00

19th Anniversary of the "New" Building!


7:00pm: Historical Video of Building Construction

7:30pm: Heidi Olsen & The Night

8:00pm: Saturday Night Express

8:30pm: J&E Company

9:00pm: Last Whippoorwill Bluegrass Band

10:00pm: O'Neill & Martin Band

10:30pm: Pickin' Shed Jam

(Events Subject to Change)

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