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Aches & Pains

Acme Anvil ompany

Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Musicians Guild A

AcousticMusicians Guild B

Acoustic Thunder

Acoustic Thunder -

with Cher Bach

Acoustic Wonder

Against The Grain

Along the Way

Al Suiter & Friends

Altared Ego

AMG Songwriter's

Ann Leyland

Ann Leyland & Terry Rivel

Back Porch Jug Band

Bad Dogz


Banshee Brothers


Barn Swallows

Basement Musicians

Baygrass Harmony

Bay Head Junction

Bennetts & Claytons

Bennett Family

Big Bend

Big County

Blue Canyon

Bluegrass Boys

Bluegrass 105

Bluegrass Road

Bluegrass Rules

Blue Heart

Blue Jersey Band

Blue Plate Special

Blue Ridge Rifles

Bob Leibner

Bobby Rue & Friends

Bog Iron Band


Boulevard Express

Brethren of the Coast

Brothers Malone

Brummy Brothers

Buzzard Alley

Cait Darcy

Cal Travvers Band

Camptown Shakers

Carina Duffy

Carol Beaugard


Cathy Billings

C B Grass

Cedar Bonnet

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek II

Cedar Creek w/Karen

Cedar Crick Bluegrass Band

Charley & Mark

Chiggers, The

Chip Crimi & Friends

Chris & Ron

Chris Raymond & The

Blue Denim Band

Chop's Country

Chuck Ehrmann & Friends

Chuck Schaeffer

Church Street Ramblers

Church Street Revival

Cindy G and

the Rising River Band

Cindy Giejda

Circle Round The Sun

Clan Suibhne

Classic Country

Clayton Family

Clearwater Connection

Coffee House

Ramblers Bluegrass

Colonial Music Crafters

Cooks Mills Boys

Cooper Clan

Cosmic American Derelicts

Country at Heart

Country Classics

Country Cousins

Country Doctors

Country Fair

Crazy Lester & the LesTones

Cross Country Bluegrass

Crystal Ridge

Cumberland Blues

Custom Blend

Cynthia Jane

Daniele Spence & The

Salt Marsh Serenaders

Dark Hollow

Daughters of Bluegrass

Dan Toye & Gorgo Beach

Dan Toye and Gorgo & Christian Beach

Dave Miller Band

David's Daughter

Dennis Gruening & Gina Fox

Diane McKoy & A Small Few

Dick Saylor

Diego Moon

Dirt Road Sweetheart

Ditch Digger's

Dixie Lee & Ed Rainey

Don Seeley & The Rangers

Doyle It Up & Runnin'


Drifting Pines

Dune Grass

Dyer Switch

Elaine & Friends

Elaine & The Cimarron

Sky Band


Erin Ricca & Band

Erin Ricca

Erin Ricca & The Ocean County Cowboys

Erin Ricca's Patsy Cline


Evening Hours

Evening Hours - Original

Faith & Practice

Fandango Sky





Foggy Night

Forty North

Gar Francis

Gary Bennett & Friends

Gene & Friends

Gene & Sher Bach


Genies, The

George Cordwell

George Wirth

George Zeo & Family

George Zeo & Friends

Gerry and Olga

Git Along Little Doggerel

Glenn & Ray

GlimmerGrass Band

Gorgo Beach-Dan Toye-Christian Beach


Growing Old Disgracefully

Guiding Grace

Gut Bucket Band

Hard Road Travelers

Hat Squad

Heavy Traffic

Heidi Olsen & Friends

Heidi Olsen & The Night

Hegel, Cole & Friends

High Strung

Hillbilly Water

Hillbilly Water with

Dixie Lee Rainey

Hillbilly Water with Rich Rainey

Holy Rollers

Homemade Jam

Infamous Fandango Bros.

Ivan Sexton


J & E Company

Jane Bennett & Friends

Jeannie O'Neill & Thomas Martin

Jeff and Elaine

Jeff Propert

Jerry & Debbie Hatton

Jersey Corn Pickers

Jersey Drifters

Jersey Grits

Jersey Ramblers

Jet Weston & His

Atomic Ranch Hands

Jim, Mary & Bill

Jim Halifko & The Privateers

Jim Murphy & the Pine Barons

Jim Murphy's Pine Barons

Jimmy Moore and The

Blue Mountain Boys

Joe Rizzo

John Cantamessa

John Schuster & Friends

John Schuster & The

Lone Ramblers

Joyful Noise

Judi, Eddie, & Past Times

Judi Parker

Judy Herse

Karen's Creek

Karwin Patrix Band

Kentucky Red

Kentucky Roots Reunions

Kentucky Steve

Kettle Creek Band

Kind Strangers A

Kind Strangers B

Kind Strangers C



Ladies Night Out

Laible Blu

Larry Steward & Friends

Last Whippoorwill Band

Late for Dinner

Laura & Jeff

Leroy Place

Libby Prison Minstrels

Light Rail

Linda & Bill Green

Lisa Scherma Duo

Lone Ramblers with

John Schuster

Lonesome Ridge

Lonesome Turnpike Ramblers

Lonnie LaCour

Looking 4 Directions

Louie Setzer and The

Appalachian Mountain Boys

Lords of Liechtenstein

M & M Company

Mark Allan Cash

Mark Miklos

Mark Miklos & the

Raritan Valley Ramblers

Marshland Plan

Matthew Haden &


Matthew Haden & The

Mount Haden Boys

May & The

Wandering Minstrels


Medford Station

Melanie & Sonny

Melissa Gines

Michael Patrick &


Michael Patrick &

the Suburban Hillbillies

Mike Edgerton

Mike Edgerton & the E-String Band

Mike Gallagher



Moonshine Creek BG Band


Murphy's Hollow Drifters

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law-Original


New Still River Band

Next Generation

Nora Jane Struthers & Her Band

North Country

Northern Light Rail

No Show Jones

Not From Canada

Not So Ragged

Now & Then Some

Old Faithful Bluegrass Band

O'Neill & Martin Band

Ong's Hat Band

Ong's Hat String Band


Overland Express

Over the Hill Boys

Paid in Full

Parker & Edgerton

Past Times


Pat MacSwan

Patrick Karwan & Friends

Patrick Karwan &

Mary Lutton


Paul Marino Band

Peter Karp & Road Show

Pete Seeger

Pete Wagula & Jack Hickman

Pickin' Shed Jam

Pickin' Shed Jam-NFC

Pickin' Shed Jam-SNX

Pineapple Surfers

Piney Blues

Piney Hollow Drifters

Porch Pistols

Probable Cause

Prospect Crossing

Ragged Edge

Ragtime Relics

Ramapo Ridge

Ramapo Valley Ramblers

Randy Bailey & Friends

Randy Bailey & Jeff Propert

Raritan Valley Recovery

Raven Hill

Raven Rock Rounders


Red Bird

Red Fred

Red River Boys

Rich Chinery

Rich Deans & The


Right Exit

Ring of Fire Band

River Drivers


Robbin & The Hoods

Ronnie Brandt & Free Wheelin'

Round Valley Bluegrass

Russ Horner & Friends

Russ Horner & The Warm Hearts

Rustic Rhythms

Saddles & Spurs

Sailors in Rags

Sandi Marola & Friends

Sandy River Ramblers

Sandy Ridge

Saturday Night Express

Sequoia Sun

Sherman & Siehl

Sherwood Brothers

Silver Wings

Sky Road

Small Change

Smokey Stover

SNX & Friends

Southern Specific

Sour Mash

South Branch Switch

South Country

South Jersey Bluegrass

Spare Tire

Special Blend

Special Delivery

Standard Grass

Steal the Wheel

Steel Rail Blues

Steve Kempf

Still River

Still River 1st Reunion

Still River 2nd Reunuin


Stool Pigeons


Stormy Horizons

Straight Drive

Sudbury Road

Sugar Sand Ramblers

Sully's Fortune


Swampgrass Jug Band

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Country Pine

Sweet Dixie


Tabernacle Turnpike

Tecla Gay

Tecla Gay - Bennetts

& Friends

Tecla Gay - Borderline

& Josh

Termites of Tonality

Terry Rivel &

The Ghost Riders

The Hobo-Style Ctry/BG

Tex & the Pony Express

Texas Rose

Thomas Wesley Stern

Tied Up in Knotts

Timber Creek

Timber Creek (Original)

Tom & Gary Busteed

Tom Stevenson & Friends

Top Hats String Band

Tragedy-Mystery-Hope by Tom Stackhouse

Travis Wetzel & Friends

TriCounty Ranblers

Up & Runnin'

Up & Runnin' 1st Reunion

Up & Runnin' 2015

Up the Creek

Valerie Vaughn

Warm Hearted Country

Watchung Ridge

West Circle Drive

What Exit?

White Oak

Wolf Pit Hollow

Woodlot Howlers

Wood Shop Band


Zeo Family


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